Information about Marbella Heliport (LEMB)


Standard rates regarding fuel, landing fees and parking etc.

Standard rates “short or long term stay” 

  • Landing fee, staff on sight:
    EUR 250 per landing
  • Fuel JET-A1:
    EUR 3.50 per liter
  • Outdoor parking at designated area:
    EUR 250 per day (24hrs)
    EUR 1.500 per month
  • Parking in hangar at the designated area:
    EUR 2.500 per month
  • Heliport renting (with one helicopter on the ground) for filming activities, photo shooting:
    2 hours price EUR 2.500 and every extra hour is EUR 500
  • Conditions:
    Payment by bank transfer or credit card in advance (Visa/Amex/Mastercard are accepted).
    Booking minimum 24-48 hours prior to arrival.
    VAT 21% is added to the above mentioned prices.
  • Deposit mandatory with monthly stay:
    EUR 5.000

Above mentioned prices are valid from 2024-01-01 but can be adjusted within immediate affect.



Drones Coordination in Marbella area

Approach information

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