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HeliAir Marbella is a company established in 1988 in the town of Marbella (Spain). We offer tourists and residents helicopter experiences during your stay at Costa del Sol. HeliAir Marbella, since its creation, has the purpose to offer never ending unforgettable moments such as enjoying from a different point of view of different scenery in the South of Spain. Its colours, brightness, contrast of the green fields opposite the blue sea. Our facilities are located at the Heliport in Puerto Banús – Helipuerto de Marbella next to Manolo Santana Racquet Club. We have our helicopters maintenanced by our own technical staff in our own facilities. Both pilots and mechanics are highly qualified and count on wide experience, as well as our ground crew. HeliAir Marbella works with the highest qualities and service standards.

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Just contact us if you want to book a helicopter flight to any destination of your choice such as nearby cities, your favorite hotel, golf club, transfer to the airport or anything else.


Current weather

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if we cannot fly due to the weather?

If we cannot fly due to winds, rain or other circumstances, we can change to another date. Luckily, Marbella is known for it’s sunny weather.

Can I take photos during the flight with my phone?

Yes, there are no problems taking photos with your phone during flight.

Can I fly with my children?

Yes, children can fly if they are 4+ years old and accompanied by an adult.

You ask for my weight and passport number in the booking, what do you need that for?

Before flight, a weight/balance calculation must be done by the pilot to make sure the helicopter does not override maximum take-off weight. We also have to keep a passenger list for each flight with the passport numbers.

Where is the Heliport located?

The Heliport, Helipuerto de Marbella, is located in Puerto Banús just next to Manolo Santana Racquet Club. You find the exact address below in the footer.

Cancellation policy

In case of bad weather conditions and flight cancellation the generated expenses will be charged.

Cancellation charges are:

Cancellation after confirmation: 20%

15 days to 48 hours before: 50%

Less than 48 hours before flight: 100%

Customer reviews

Helicopter Sightseeing

It was an honor and pleasure to fly with Heliair Marbella, I only did it one time before but it was huge difference. The helicopter was very stable and I felt safe all the time. I enjoyed it like a kid. The tour around Marbella was amazing. I saw Marbella from another point of view. I'd love to repeat soon! Can highly recommend!!

Enrique Ramallo. Magna Supercars
March, 2nd, 2019

Wineyard outside Ronda

I booked an excursion to a wineyard. We flew there, they gave a nice wine tasting experience and lunch before flying back in the afternoon. Really nice event in total. Thanks a lot!

Louis Peeters
February, 8th, 2019

Helikopter runt Marbella

So incredibly fun to see Marbella from above by helicopter with Heliair Marbella. To watch the mountains, lakes and Puerto Banus! Filming our house from a whole new angle. I loved it!!!!

Mi Ridell
April, 3rd, 2019

Great experience!

They provide a high class service and an amazing experience! Our pilot had a very good knowledge about the area and made sure that we knew what safety procedures to think about. I can highly recommend them!

Carolin Sundqvist
March, 18th, 2019

Helicopter flight around Marbella

I flew a sightseeing tour over Puerto Banús, Nueva Andalucia and San Pedro with three friends. Really nice trip. Would recommend to everyone visitng the area. Fun to see things you can't from the ground.

José Gomez
January, 23rd, 2019