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Do you want to discover the ancient capital of the Al-Andalus kingdom? Fly with us!!!

45 ’before reaching this city, we will be taking off from the heart of the Costa del Sol, Marbella.

With fantastic weather conditions, Marbella serves as the origin of all the helicopter experiences we offer you.

You will find the helipad on the road Carretera de Istán, km 2. There is the possibility to park the vehicles outside the helipad. We will be happy to receive you at our facilities.

Heliair heliport
Heliair heliport in Marbella

Our ground assistance team will assist you and provide you with all the information you need about the trip you are going to take with us. Together with our pilots they will show you the helicopters that we have in our company. Before boarding we will inform you of the safety measures you should know when you fly by helicopter.

Everyone prepared? We start engines!

We will travel until the 13th century to discover the city founded by Muhammad I and that gave name to the dynasty that would reign until 1492. We will discover the Citadel where this dynasty resided, and which is known as the palace of “Al-Hambra” or La Alhambra

We will discover during the flight the importance that the kingdom of Al-Andalus has had in the history of Spain. There are still many vestiges of those centuries and you can find them.

Taking off towards the NW and through the Verde river valley we will see the Concepción reservoir that supplies water to the entire area of ​​Marbella and nearby towns.

In the defence of the old Kingdom of Granada there was a gear designed at three levels: the towers of Almenara by the sea, the castles and the towers of the interior, in whose environment small towns, called farmhouses, were emerging.

In the background you can see Istán. Its origin is attributed to its tower of Alquería, remains of Castillejo in the vicinity of Sierra Blanca, the tower of Escalante and the so-called Venta Quemá. Highlights its rich lands dedicated to cultivation. Istán stands on a small high from where the Verde and Molinos rivers can be seen. With great wealth of aquifers and its proximity to the city of Marbella has made Istán an important enclave on the Costa de Sol.

Discover Marbella from above
Puerto Banus with La Concha in the background

Reaching the coast of Marbella, we can enjoy the spectacular views offered by the residences of the different royal families of Middle Eastern countries that decided to have them here, in this wonderful enclave of southern Europe.

After traveling by helicopter the western coast of Malaga we will reach the municipality of Mijas and Fuengirola and tourist sites such as Benalmádena and Torremolinos. Stresses the vision that on the coast has the Buddhist Stupa of Benalmadena. With a bright and golden cone as if it wanted to touch the sky, we can see one of the largest Buddhist stupas in Western Europe, opened in 2003 and known as the Stupa of Enlightenment. As a curiosity, Buddhists travel their perimeter clockwise while we think of their wishes and requests. Do we try to fly over it clockwise?

Malaga panoramic cityscape
Malaga city by night

We continue flying over the coast and before reaching Malaga International Airport, we can see the city that gives its name to the province.

After crossing the mouth of the Guadalhorce river we find its seafront and its two large chimneys that remind us of the industrial importance that the city has had since the Phoenician era (7th century BC), and where MLK takes its name ‘(Malaka) or factory.

We can observe how the city is defined by two hills where there are paths and fortifications; La Alcazaba and another lower La Alcazabilla. In a few square meters we find three cultures: Phenicia, Roman and Muslim. We can see the Roman theatre at the foot of the Alcazaba along with remains of the ancient Phoenician city.

Of course, its Catholic cathedral, called “La Manquita” stands out due to the lack of the southern bell tower. Inside the old town, its narrow streets and important museums stand out. He deserves a special visit just to see this wonderful city.

We will begin to ascend through the natural park of the Montes de Malaga. Impress the speed with which we ascend from 0 meters to 1500 meters in just a few minutes. It is the province of Spain with greater unevenness.

We will arrive at the Axarquía valley where Comares stands out: The Axarquía balcony. It was the Arabs who gave her extremely unique physiognomy in her town planning, customs and identity more accentuated by calling it the term “Hisn Comarix”, meaning castle in height. Prepare the cameras because their views impress.

Competa town in the Axarquia
Competa town in the Axarquia

We continue crossing the region of Axarquía, being watched by the impotent mountain range of La Maroma (2067 m.), Highlighting the richness of its garden, its avocados, mangoes that make it the main exporter of avocados from the south of Europe. We advise you to visit Frigiliana (the last Muslim enclave in the province of Malaga). At the foot of the natural park of the Sierra de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama are a series of locations that we will see from the helicopter but that deserve a quieter excursion to know them, such as Competa, Canillas de Albaida, Canillas de Aceituno and as not its capital, Vélez-Malaga.

View from Alhambra tower

We will be received in the province of Granada flying over Alhama de Granada, known for the thermal baths set on Roman ruins that give rise to its current spa. In this area include the pits and ravines. Prepare the cameras because the view from the helicopter is spectacular.

A few minutes from landing at the Granada airport, we can see Sierra Nevada rising imposingly over the city of Granada, protecting its most important enclaves such as the Alhambra Palace, the Generalife, the Albaicin or its Catholic cathedral (considered the first Renaissance church from Spain).

We approach the airport and we will request permission to land. We can see how everything is prepared on track. The VIP service is ready and a vehicle is waiting for you to approach the private exit of the airport where possibly a guide will take you to the most typical corners of the city that takes care of the eighth wonder of the world, and of course you will enjoy the fantastic tapas.

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