Our helicopter services

We offer VIP charter, medical transports, HEMS, aerial filming and photography, handling private helicopters, and managing large helicopter projects and events.

Examples of helicopter services

Aerotaxi VIP / rent a helicopter

Imagine having access to a private helicopter that you can fly wherever and whenever you wish. This freedom and flexibility is provided by our Aerotaxi VIP charter service.

Photography & Aerial filming

With our helicopter, we will help to interpret your vision and produce the aerial imagery you’ve always wanted. Our experienced staff will work with you to make your project a success.

Medical transports (HEMS)

We offer our helicopters as a medical alternative for time-sensitive intensive care transport to ensure the flight is as safe and as comfortable as possible for the patient.

Handling private helicopters

Our experienced team handles your helicopter with the service you deserve. Everything from fueling and towing to VIP lounge and private shuttle for you and your passengers.

Request a helicopter VIP service

We are happy to help you with your exclusive request. Our VIP-manager is ready to answer any question you have about our helicopter VIP services. Just fill out the form below or call us at +34 951 820 050 to get in touch.

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