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Bell 206 Jet Ranger

Bell 206 Jet Ranger

The spacious cabin offers a configuration ideally suited for corporate and executive transport. The doors and seats can be easily removed for the installation of utility and photographic equipment, making the Jet Ranger one of the most versatile executive helicopters available to date. Our new refurbished Bell 206 will offer you an excellent interior with white leather and perfectly maintained details.


  • Engine type: 1x Allison 250-C20B
  • Capacity: 4 passengers
  • Maximum payload: 500 kg
  • Cruise speed: 90 kts / 170km/h
  • Max airspeed: 120 kts / 220 km/h
  • Max operating altitude: 20 000ft / 6300m
  • Operative range: 275 nm / 510 km

Robinson 22

Robinson 22

Latest generation helicopter, world leading two-seater in terms of units sold for pilot training. It is the most agile aircraft in our fleet with great features and a low cost. This aircraft is primarily intended for the training of pilots in their flight instruction and aerial photography phase.


  • Engine Type: Lycoming O-360 four-cylinder, carbureted Derated to 131 hp for takeoff and 124 for cruise 1370 lb (621 kg).
  • Capacity: 1 passenger.
  • Maximum Payload: Cruise Speed: 96kts / 177 kph.
  • Maximum airspeed: 102 kts / 189 kph.
  • Max Operating Altitude: 14000 ft / 4267 m.
  • Operative Range: 240 mi / 386 km.

Robinson R44

Robinson 44

Latest generation helicopter, predecessor of the R-22, highly versatile aircraft with capacity for 3 passengers and unrivaled panoramic views. Ideal for sightseeing, aerial work, filming, and patrolling.


  • Engine Type: Lycoming IO-540-AE1A5 6-cylinder engine.
  • Capacity: 3 passengers.
  • Maximum Payload: 408 kg.
  • Cruise Speed: 108 kts / 200 kph.
  • Maximum airspeed: 130 kts / 240 kph.
  • Max Operating Altitude: 14108 Ft /4300 m.
  • Operative Range: 302nm / 560 km.

EC-130 B4


Helicopter VIP configuration, high performance single turbine with capacity for 6 passengers, ideal for transfer and flight in conditions of high-performance demand. Passenger configuration: front 2 passengers, rear 4 passengers.


  • Engine Type: Turbomeca Arriel 2B1.
  • Capacity: 6 passengers.
  • Maximum Payload: 1050 kg.
  • Cruise Speed: 130 kts / 240 kph.
  • Maximum airspeed: 155 kts /287 kph.
  • Max Operating Altitude: 15655 Ft / 4770 m.
  • Operative Range: 329 nm /610 km.

Guimbal Cabri G2


The Cabri G2 is the world’s most advanced 2 seat piston engine helicopter.
3 bladed rotor system ensures stability in all conditions and Fenestron tail rotor provides superior maneuverability and unique safety.
It’s equipped with Lycoming’s extremely popular engine O-360 with 180HP derated to 145HP.


  • Number of seats: 2.
  • Cruising speed 185km/h.
  • Range of 700km.

A 109 Power


Corporate helicopter, designed primarily for executive transportation. It has a greater range and cruising speed due to its two turbines, slightly optimized compared to the A109. The helicopter provides the passengers with great privacy since they are separated from the pilots’ cabin. It has the capacity to accommodate up to 6 passengers.


  • Engine type: 2x Pratt & Whitney Canada PW206C.
  • Capacity: 6 passengers.
  • Maximum Payload: 1060 kg.
  • Cruise speed: 154 kts / 285 kph.
  • Maximum airspeed: 168 kts / 311 kph .
  • Maximum Operating Altitude: 16200 ft / 4937 m.
  • Operative range: 503 nm / 932 km.

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